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Textile for homes

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Textile for homes

Dear fellows, let us remember that the textile for home – is the main part of the interior design.

And believe, it is hard to overestimate the role of the textile design in the Luxury interior style. Moreover, to say the truth, in many respects, the textile is the final chord of the artistic interior image. Or else, it adds the bright feature to the whole composition idea, fills it with a new form, changes the mood significantly and introduces its colors, on the first sight, into the completed look.


Remember, for instance, how much our growing children can change the look of their room. Just yesterday, you were happy with the touching, pale pink child’s room design of your little princess, and today… Grown up geek replaced her pink pouf on creepy and terrifying dark thing, shut the windows with black curtains, threw the textile darkness on the floor, and on the bed, there is a bedspread in raven colors. Diluted the blackness with the gloss of heavy metal, and… The created with love interior of tenderness and romance immediately turned into an abode of a young goth or a desperate rocker. Looks familiar?

In other words, his majesty Textile is capable of much, including the right of the final touch to the room styling.

It is great that the modern market offers an abundance of fabrics, accessories of any textures, shapes, and colors. The choice is only limited by the designer’s imagination and customer’s preferences.

Textile fashion in designers’ styles

That is really what to talk about tastefully and even to have an argument!
After all, if for aesthetes classic textiles are priceless, the adherents of ethnic cultures do not like it categorically. Also, fans of minimalism and high-tech fans prefer to do without frills, completely abandoning the fabric or reducing its use to necessary functionality.

However, you cannot argue with reality – obstinate fashion endowed the original designer textile with benevolence, opening its way to the modern interiors.

How does the Luxury world differ?

Exclusive textile is the main designer’s tendency in creating Luxury interiors. According to individual sketches, textile artists create unique painted curtains, bedspreads, pillows, pictures and tablecloths. Such important textile element as upholstery is custom made, wherein luxury class of materials are used: silk, leather, tapestry, jacquard, and chenille.


All this beauty is made exclusively according to individual designer’s sketches, arranged with handmade embroidery and original decorative elements.

Textile gives designers a delightful space for imagination and creativity. Choosing the fabric structure, playing with the color one can affect the emotional state of a person and change the concept of space. The harmonious living environment is created by the choice of fabrics of different color combinations, the contrast of sophisticated warm and cool colors, all sorts of its shades, which in many ways can be combined in the textile interior.

Are you ready to plunge into the world of textile beauty and grace?