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Child’s room design

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Child’s room design

Child’s room interior design is the most difficult and responsible task for experts.

Why exactly child’s room design? Let’s look it through.

What is hidden in the name “child room”?

It is a miniature apartment in one room! This multi-functional space becomes a bedroom and room for entertainment, gaming, recreation, work and for guests entertaining.

This is such a versatile little world of the most important for us little men. That is why designers have such a reverent attitude, understanding, and responsibility when creating a child’s world.


Deciding on the style of the child’s room

And this is important! Glamorous luxury or laconic modern, elegant classic or romantic Provence, pleasing eclectic or asceticism and austerity of Scandinavian style – the choice is gorgeous.

Sure thing, all main points are agreed with a client but the opinion of the future owner of the room is also taken into account (of course, if he or she can speak already). Even seven years old little girl is quite ready to defend her personal notions of beauty.

Don’t you agree that the room of a little princess and the room of a filibuster are radically different?

A fairy tale for charming girls


The character of the little girl is taken into account in the first place. How do parents see their daughter? Nice and charming, tender and romantic princess or a mischievous tomboy.

That is how fairy-tale charm in delicate shades of any color for Barbie fans is made. The most favorite one for girls is pink that is perfectly combined with the tenderness of beige, “sweet taste” of milk chocolate shades.

This placid pastel kingdom can be diluted with juicy and funny strokes: colorful pillows, striped mini podiums, bright upholstery and even a pretty mosaic in patchwork technique.

Little princess likes glamorous startling interiors in pink style with an abundance of pink shades, riches, fabulous furniture with graceful curves and reliefs. However, experienced designers always remember that fashion for little ladies is dictated by world’s doll brands. That is why, for example, Winx fairies fans and Bratz fans have so different tastes.


While growing up, girls will “refresh” their kingdom of girlish fantasies and dreams according to their character and style by themselves, changing accessories, pillows, lamps, paintings, photos and adding their own cute creations.

Little men’s territory

There is plenty of ideas for designing boy’s territory. But the most important thing is to choose the right theme, related to kid’s hobbies, for example, sea journeys and filibusters’ adventures, geography, sports or cars.


It is important to represent not only the unique individuality of a little man but also the formation of the men’s character.


Besides, considering changing of hobbies with the age of a child, it is possible to make new creative room interior, leaving untouched a bed and furniture classical design and changing only the decor of walls, windows, and accessories. After all, child’s room “grows” along with its owner! That means, you certainly should leave an unlimited scope for child’s imagination and take into account child’s an aspiration to constant changes and improvements.

The main thing to remember is that all teenagers, boys, and girls want to be modern and creative. And the child’s world design should help them to feel confidence in themselves, and help them to create their own harmonious world, external and internal.