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Trends in design

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Dear friends, the trend in modern design, as everything in this world is exposed to the whims of the world’s most capricious woman, called Fashion.

To all intents and purposes, all the modern fashion trends can be divided into two tendencies: temporary and permanent. And, while the first one shines in fashion industry just for a couple of seasons, the second one remains viable for years, decades, skilfully weaving in newfangled trends.

And it must be admitted that the world’s leading designers have decided a long time ago on these global trends, which actuality is indisputable and bothers designer’s fantasies at all times.

That is why we choose those directions that undoubtedly follow the fashion trends with careful attention, but differs with a striking durability, have a special attractiveness and claim to be eternal. Aren’t these qualities worthy of the world inhabitants’ attention?

Let’s review the main trends in design.

Green theme or Eco-trend


Natural forms and materials have always attracted and inspired designers to notice the most original and natural features.

Green plants have become the favorites in architect and design ideas a long time ago, and indoor plant cultivation has become a fashionable activity for nature aesthetes.

Designers show the peculiar charm of rough textures and a fascination of a decrepitude. Everything can be used here: floral prints, features of the wood roughness, the uniqueness of stone cuts, marble stains, and other miraculous patterns, transformed into trendy images on walls, textile, and furniture.

Obsolete useless things also get their second chance.

Maybe you would consider this to be strange in Luxury style. However, among the inhabitants of Olympus, there are peculiar aesthetes – followers of such fashion trends today as the recycle and up-cycle. Here, in fact, materials like cardboard and paper are blossoming at the peak of the Eco-trend. Lamps, furniture, and even houses can be made now out of these materials.

The breath of history


Yes, we mean the eternal classics, which embodies the different times and peoples. Designers perfectly understand that people should keep, care and cherish the past so that the globalization does not wipe it off from the face of the Earth.

However, our deep past becomes to live in different ways. Some cite the classics in their works and collections in its original form. That is how historical style motives are created: Victorian, ancient, Romance, Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance and ethnic motives. And in order to keep up with the relevance, historical beauty is supplied in fashionable colors.

By the way, pastel colors, stone, brick and wooden decoration, the perfection of the black and white dust and creative wallpapers do not leave the peak of popularity. Fashion is not indifferent to the simultaneous usage of dark and bright colors, to the mix of gorgeous traditional and exotic materials, to the combination of strict classic lines with original details.

Still other masters interpret classic interior freely. Historical styles are ease combined with ultra-modern elements. And in skilled hands, the true masterpieces are born.

Art objects in the design


This direction is really close to the Luxury style, which is by no means peculiar to the rational use of resources.

After all, what is an art object in the design?

This is the art of creative self-expression, and where nothing else matters. On the one hand, this approach creates unusual furniture, lamps, decoration elements, which forms are far from the usual and the purpose of which is sometimes difficult to guess. Even the functionality and comfort comes to the background. On the other hand, unusual art objects are born, full of expression, emotions and with the ability to surprise and amaze your imagination.

When creating such objects not just modern technologies are used but the future technologies and the most expensive and unique materials. Here you may see gold, silver, carbon fiber, and other rare and exotic materials, including options of space origin.

And believe, it is also Luxury. XXI century Luxury

The future in the design of the present


The future is already here. Modern life is impossible without digital technologies, which have penetrated in the design.

Smart Home is no longer a novelty. New home systems are controlled by the little touch or remotely with your smartphone or a tablet. Instead of switches – touchscreens.

Interactive dashboards have found their place “under the sun”, combining all possible technical facilities: TV, computer, home remote control, “a window into nature” recreating favorite landscapes. And on the walls stereoscopic wallpapers that change color depending on the angle of view, and 3D panels with a light tunnel and an infinity effect.

What a miracle is the Virtual Reality software that allows you to see the whole home interior while being on the developing stage.

And that is only the beginning…

Perhaps exactly this future trend has the right to exist more than others. And we will have the perfect virtual reality luxury interiors, the world of the illusions embodied in the reality and that are ready to change by the slight hand movement or a voice command…