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Heating systems

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Heating systems

How are heating systems connected with the designer’s job?

Well, beauty and luxury it is good, but without the heat, no beauty pleases. Moreover, a heating system is the heart of the house, which provides a comfortable atmosphere and creates so beloved by us comfort and coziness.

Sure thing, while creating Luxury interior, the autonomous heating system installation in provided. Preference is given to the electrical and gas heating. Country houses and cottages are equipped also with systems that use geothermal sources (earth energy), hydrogen energy and solar panels.

In addition, in the projects, certainly, is taken into account the desire of the customer to equip the house with a wood burning fireplace.


The main requirement for modern heating systems in elite houses is an autonomous automatic air temperature adjustment in each room, based on the readings of the installed sensors.

Remember the convenience of underfloor heating

Speaking of the optimal and most acceptable variant of indoor heating, one should remember the undeniable comfort and convenience of underfloor heating, which lays down under wooden floors as perfectly as under tiles.

Any discomfort is absolutely ruled out in this situation, through smoothly rising up heated air that evenly warms the room. In addition, the clever automatic system controls maintaining of the predetermined temperature.

And you will agree, that if in living rooms, especially in a child’s room, it is very comfortable, then in a bathroom and in an indoor swimming pool it is a must have a thing – your bare feet will certainly not like cold tiles.


It is important that in this variant of the heating system the interior design harmony is not disturbed in any way with any sort of technical devices and equipment.

Just enjoy the coziness and comfort in a warm place!