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Kitchen design

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Kitchen design

Kitchen… What role has it in a house made for a Luxury lifestyle?

We will not be wrong saying that modern kitchen “a la luxury” is the rhythm of life, a pulse of the house, its heart and the main vital artery.

No trifles in the Luxury kitchen!

It is unacceptable to neglect small details in the kitchen! Luxury – is a privilege of public people, and that means their home is a kind of visit card that is responsible for the reputation of the owners. Each element, each minor thing is important here. Everything should correspond to the room concept and be in a perfect harmony.


Luxury style can be depicted in different ways in the kitchen: splendid decor, moving and elegant charm, aristocratic severity, effectively-sleek minimalism. Sure thing, there are elite and expensive materials, carved details, original shapes, complete set of all kinds of household appliances and the latest technologies.

Only original and unusual designer ideas are used here, antique things, unique furniture in the status of artworks. In addition, functionality and options for convenient work of a chef are thought out to the smallest details. Even if the kitchen will be used only for making a morning coffee and for evening relaxation with friends at the bar counter. After all, the main thing of a project is the lifestyle and a pastime of the house owners.

And, of course, a fantasy exciting space that allows finding unusual solutions, to use unlimited possibilities giving the status to the interior.

Color scheme variants


In this matter, there is a complete freedom of imagination. The choice depends only on the color influence on people’s mood, feels, emotions, wishes, lifestyle, healthy appetite or aspiration to food asceticism, diets.

The freedom of the designers imagination has no borders here.

Luxury kitchen interior styles – everything and more

Any known style for designers is created with its own principles and with its own “calligraphy”.

There are two main directions: classic and modern.


Classic interior assumes usage of antiques and modern interior assumes brand designer items.

Finishing materials, decor, expensive, exquisite and significant classical accessories:

 natural stone, marble, granite, decorative parquet;
 wall painting, molding, stained-glass windows, mosaic, relief;
 gold, silver, Swarovski crystals.

Ultramodern technologies create the modern interior. Designers, which work in this direction, are good at all new products, trends, tendencies, and technologies, are able to find the golden mean between cool creative approach and desires or dreams of the customer.


And you know, it often happens that when people see the interior they admire its beauty, and initially it is not important for them in what style it is done. Aesthetics enraptures in general, without a perception of separate elements. Only then, convinced with the designer’s professionalism, they are interested in the author of such perfection, and become aware that this beauty is made in the style of, for example:

 Luxurious neoclassicism of the exquisite Italian design or romantic elegance of the Italian classics;
 Warm kitchen made out of wood in American style;
 Traditional and strict English kitchen that is able to envelop with stunning old time, inviolable eternity of Shakers style;
 Mythical, provocative, attracting with its superior depth of the darkness or with the magic of the black-and- white perfection for self-sufficient, out of the ordinary and bright personalities;
 And a lot of other style options that are born by boundless designer’s imagination.


And maybe it will be a special style. The designer’s melody that was brought to life only for you, sounding with a romance of a light touch to the elegant refinement of a long forgotten past. Light, the fresh whiff of the present and fantastic possibilities of the rapidly bursting into our lives future.