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Shower design

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Shower design

An interior design includes an enormous variety of details, moments, and touches. Each of them is very important separately and in together these peculiar puzzles stack into one worthy picture of an elite luxury house.

One of those puzzles is a shower design. Don’t you agree, that our mood and the way we feel ourselves often depends on how we begin our morning or relieve tension after an exhausting day at work? In what way? By a pleasant, stimulating or warming body and soul water jets. That is why it is so important to design the shower interior, which makes the mood or relaxes, responsibly and seriously, taking into account the slightest nuances, details, needs, and desires of the owner.


Shower is a piece of art

Shower design in a Luxury style is nothing else than the piece of art for the pleasure of body and soul.

Elite and splendid shower stalls stand out with two main features.

1. Unusual, chic design:

 Non-standard materials, drawings on the cabin walls, expensive decorations, original decor.
 Unusual and creative customer preferences come into life here. For example, installation of a transparent shower cabin with a panoramic view.


2. Unlimited range of functional options, constructions, styles and sizes:

 The size and the form of the shower stall are selected individually, with a personal approach to each project.
 The construction features are not limited with the commonplace shower, there are up-to-date technologies – multi-functional shower stalls with a vertical and lateral hydro massage system of the whole body with separate functions to massage the back, shoulders, legs, etc. With the function of adjusting the power and frequency of water jets.
 Some shower cubicles are equipped with a steam generator that allows creating a great effect of a home SPA.


That is how unordinary projects come to live, converting private space into something attractive and extraordinary.